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First of all, educational-arena.com Books and Cultural Products Joint Stock Company would like to sincerely thank our customers for trusting and cooperating with our company during the past time!

In response to that belief, we are constantly improving the quality and the service system is getting better and better.

Dear Customers

, The company started as ” 196 Dinh Tien Hoang Bookstore ” in the center of Hoan Kiem Lake. In order to expand the market and meet the most demanding needs of customers, the company has expanded. The premises are located at No. 3 Hang Tre – Hoan Kiem – Hanoi and now named ” educational-arena.com BOOK AND CULTURAL PRODUCTS COMPANY “” address number 14 Chuong Duong Do. Through many ups and downs and the efforts of the entire company’s leadership as well as all employees, now the company CORPORATION BOOK AND CULTURE COMPANY PRODUCT educational-arena.com is a name that is known by many bookstores, book companies, school equipment, book publishers and all dear customers.With more than 30 years of operation with scale and sales volume. Currently, the company has issued and distributed millions of different books of reputable publishers with guaranteed quality and reasonable discounts.

Along with the growth of the country, the book industry in general and educational-arena.com Bookstore in particular always strive and try to be able to bring to all customers the latest books with the most guaranteed quality. the most beautiful and solemn calendar templates. And that is also the strongest advantage that our company wants to bring to customers.

In particular, educational-arena.com Bookstore always attaches importance to taking care of customers and serving customers first and will serve you in the fastest and most accurate way with the motto “Customers are best friends”. Set ” .

Once again, educational-arena.com Books and Cultural Products Joint Stock Company would like to sincerely thank customers for their trust and cooperation.

Wishing customers more and more development and prosperity, wish the cooperation between customers and educational-arena.com Bookstore more and more durable!

Sincerely thank you !