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Why Is My CAT SLEEPING in the LITTER BOX? 🐈💤📦 (4 Causes)

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Why is my cat sitting next to her litter box?

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On these occasions, its not uncommon for a cat to stake their territory by sticking to their litter box. By sitting in the litter box, your cat is marking the area with their scent glands and sending a clear message to other cats to stay away.

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Why is my cat hiding near the litter box?

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Your cat wants privacy

In some cases, cats may see their litter boxes as private spaces, and your cat might choose to retreat there for a nap. This is particularly common with enclosed litter boxes, which mimic the quiet security of other spaces cats like, like closets and cardboard boxes.

Why is my cat laying near the litter box?

Just like us humans, cats suffer from ailments such as urinary tract issues and stomach upsets. Problems with waste elimination make them want to lie near or in the litter box. For example, if your cat has crystals in their urinary tract, they will be unable to pass urine or find it extremely painful to do so.

Why would a cat suddenly start hiding?

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Hiding is a behavior that can occur for many reasons, including: Illness/injury. It could be any health issue-dental disease, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, heart or kidney disease, or the cat is physically hurt. Cats should always be checked if they suddenly start hiding and the environment has not changed.

Why is my cat acting weird and hiding?

Cats that hide are definitely trying to communicate something to their family. Your cat may hide because theyre scared, but cats will also hide if they are stressed, in pain, or avoiding a feline or human family member that intimidates them.

Why does my cat hide after using litter box?

The idea is that cats in the wild bury their poop to prevent predators from tracking down their scent. They race away for two reasons. The first reason is to distance themselves from the evidence. The second reason is to escape the scent and throw predators off the trail.


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